Roehampton University

University of Roehampton

Special and Inclusive Education


Senate House, Roehampton Lane

Roehampton Lane

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Masters in Special and Inclusive Education; Postgraduate Diploma in Special and Inclusive Education, Subject to doctoral application, Postgraduate Certificate in Special and Inclusive Education

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The MA Special and Inclusive Education programme has been designed to provide a range of flexible opportunities for practicing professionals working in education, and in, related professions, to engage in rigorous, in-depth study with a view to widening and deepening their theoretical perspectives and critically reflecting on the implications for their practice. The programme is underpinned by a model of critically reflective practice and is designed to offer professionals the opportunity to engage, actively, in the processes of systematic and analytical enquiry into the theories and practices of special and inclusive education, with a view to developing and improving their own practice in the field of SEN. The programme allows students either to specialise in a particular area of interest or design for themselves a wide programme of study to reflect on the varied but linked aspects of SEN and Inclusion in today's and tomorrow's world.


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