Roehampton University

University of Roehampton

South Asian Dance Studies


Senate House, Roehampton Lane

Roehampton Lane

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MA South Asian Dance Studies, Postgraduate Diploma in South Asian Dance Studies, subject to doctoral application

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The focus of this programme is South Asian Dance in the 20th century with two compulsory modules exploring the relationship of South Asian dance forms/genres and their cultural context with reference to the Indian subcontinent and the UK. The first module focuses on the dance works of key 20th century South Asian choreographers/dance artists in UK and in India, raising a number of issues. The other taught modules develop key topics. Students are encouraged, if appropriate, to draw on their own South Asian dance experience. Key topics South Asian dance in India: nationalism and modernisation South Asian dance and its diaspora: socio-historical and cultural context, with special reference to the UK South Asian dance genres: issues of classicism, style and their definition Abhinaya and its aesthetics in the different genres Traditional and innovative choreography in South Asian dance genres South Asian dance genres and their music The artistic context of South Asian dance genres. The dance body in South Asian dance genres: issues of training and technique


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