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Dance Anthropology


Senate House, Roehampton Lane

Roehampton Lane

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MA Dance Anthropology Postgraduate Diploma Dance Anthropology, subject to doctoral application

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Dance anthropology, dance ethnology, and ethnochoreology are part of an established field of research, which investigates the place of dance within its socio-cultural setting from the perspectives of those participating in it, whether as dancers, dance–makers, teachers or audience and yet this is the first postgraduate academic programme in the UK that specifically trains dance anthropologists. The MA/PGDip Dance Anthropology situates dance practices within global and post-colonial contexts and offers a cross-cultural perspective to dance. It explores the social construction of dance cultures emphasising some of the different conceptualisations of dance generally and of the dancing body particularly looking at the implications they may have within transnational contexts. Key topics Dance and dance classifications as social constructs Fieldwork as a key investigative tool for dance anthropology Dance as a transnational commodity Dance, globalisation and the "multicultural" debate (crossculturalism, transculturalism, interculturalism) Issues of authenticity in dance Using dance to re-invent the past. Dance, identity, and ethnicity Practice as a research tool in dance anthropology Dance as ‘airport art’ Area studies (Australian Aboriginal Dance, South Asian Dance, Western Theatre dance) Teaching staff


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