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Physics: Condensed Matter Physics



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Master of Science

Format: Campus

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Physics is essential to our understanding of how the universe works: from the behaviour of fundamental particles to the movement of the stars and planets. Theory and experiment are vital to developing answers to questions about the universe and the fundamental nature of matter, energy, space and time. This new programme is a one year masters level qualification in Physics in one of three research streams: Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics or Condensed Matter Physics. The aim of the programme is to deepen your understanding of your chosen branch of contemporary physics, covering advanced concepts and techniques, leaving you well prepared for further doctoral level study and research. The programme will also enable you to develop skills transferable to a wide range of other careers. This programme will: Teach you the fundamental laws and physical principles, along with their applications, in your chosen area of physics. Introduce you to research methodology, and how to manage your own research, making use of journal articles and other primary sources. Allow you to communicate complex scientific ideas, concisely, accurately and informatively. Instruct you how to use mathematical analysis to model physical behaviour and interpret the mathematical descriptions of physical phenomena.



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