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Certificate, Diploma, Master of Science

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Programme description One year full-time, two years part-time Distance learning option available Students on this programme aim to: Develop more advanced understanding of the basis of assessment, diagnosis, formulation and care management of psychological disorders in general and then in diverse racial, ethnic and cultural groups drawing on cultural psychiatry, social sciences and allied disciplines. Have access to an academic programme that prepares competent practitioners to deliver effective mental health treatments for people with psychological problems. Develop knowledge of research methods and systematic and critical review. Develop and have access to a network of mental health professionals and established academics. Students on the Transcultural Mental Health programme will learn how to improve their assessment of mental health problems. The specific strength of the MSc is that students will develop am knowledge base derived from social anthropological, medical, sociological, epidemiological and pharmacological understanding of the presentation, expression and management of mental disordersm and psychological distress amongst Black and Ethnic minorities. Students on the Psychological Therapies programme will also learn and utilise an advanced level of knowledge derived from different psychological interventions including: Therapeutic paradigms Cognitive Behavioural Therapies Cognitive analytic therapies Group Therapies Family Therapy Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Therapies Bio-psycho-social model Programme outline The MSc programme consists of three 12-week modules. Module 1 (Advanced Mental Health Assessment) is compulsory and completion of this alone is accredited for exit with a certificate in mental health assessment. This is a compulsory module for all students. Module 2 We offer two pathways options. 1. Psychological Therapies or Transcultural Mental Healthcare. Completion of this module and module one permits exit with a diploma in either Psychological Therapies or Transcultural Mental Healthcare. Module 3 is compulsory to all students and includes research methods and evidence based practice. Students aiming for the MSc award are required to undertake a dissertation on an original topic that includes original research or an original and comprehensive literature review using systematic methods wherever possible. Completion of modules 1, 2 and 3 is accredited for exit with an MSc in either Psychological Therapies or Transcultural Mental Healthcare. Postgraduate Certificate Full-time: completion in one term Part-time – N/A Postgraduate Diploma Full-time: both modules are completed in year 1. Part-time: One module is completed in each year. MSc Full-time: all three modules are completed in one year. Part-time: we advise students that it is best to complete the first two modules in the first year, and the third (research module) in year two. However, we permit flexibility if individual circumstances require this and if this still provides the student with the best chances of progressing. The MSc programme includes three modules, each lasting 12 weeks, and each with 12 core teaching and learning days. These are complemented by a half-day work placement (Transcultural Mental Healthcare students) for module 2 or half a day a week of supervised treatment of two short cases of 12 to 20 sessions (for students following the Psychological therapy pathway) to develop better practices in real clinical settings. Students prepare a report on this as part of the programme assessment for Modules 1 and 2. There are also PBL sessions (one a week), and time is required to read two key references each week and provide a précis each week. Assessment Module 1: Practice placement plan, clinical therapy (one brief therapy), research or literature review plan, tutor's assessment report on PBL write ups, oral and written examination. Module 2: Practice placement report or clinical practice (two brief cases), pilot study report for the main study, student presentation, tutor's assessment report on PBL write ups and oral and written examination. Module 3: Tutor's assessment report on PBL write ups and attendance, grant writing report, dissertation (10-15,000 words), supporting publications and written examination. Both programmes are also available as distance learning options. All students will have access to our established E-learning facilities for each module, including: Online Programme Syllabus (student handbook); Tools for e-lecture Materials; Tools for online PBL materials; Tools for submitting online assignments/homework WebCT email; Virtual discussion board; Virtual classrooms (synchronous); E-calendar Tools for online student feedback; Tools for students to track online results /progress; E-notice board and Skype tutorials as well as Skype add-ons (ie whiteboard) to facilitate virtual classroom interactions.


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