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Experimental Oral Pathology (Oral Sciences)



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Master of Science

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Programme description This one year full-time programme is designed as an introduction to the principles of experimental pathology applied to oral disease. It is principally intended to provide a grounding in experimental method for dental graduates who plan to follow either a career in academic dentistry or one of the clinical specialities. It also provides an opportunity for science graduates to learn about oral disease, in preparation for a career in dental research. The programme offers a fundamental training in the principles of laboratory research methods and the range of techniques used to study the behaviour of oral tissues in health and disease. Programme outline Your programme will be modular, focused on acquiring laboratory skills and knowledge. The taught modules provide the basic understanding to help with the research component. There is a structured course of seminars with associated practical work, dealing with the structure and behaviour of cells and tissues in health and disease. This core begins with fundamental and general concepts of cell biology and continues with the application of these concepts to a consideration of oral and dental disease. Related disciplines such as oral microbiology and immunology are also covered. Throughout the programme, emphasis is placed on the evidence upon which the concepts are based and the way in which such evidence is obtained by observation and experiment. You are actively encouraged to take part in the seminars. Running in parallel with the core programme are several related series of seminars dealing with research methods, statistics and techniques of fundamental importance to experimental pathology such as tissue culture, molecular biological techniques, immunocytochemistry, light and electron microscopy. Students undertake a laboratory-based research project in the final module of the programme, exploring any aspect of oral disease. Assessment The programme is assessed by two written papers, the submission of a project report and an oral examination. Entry requirements A degree in dentistry or medicine or a good BSc honours in a biological science subject. For language requirements, please refer to the International Students section.


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