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The Certificate in IP Law M3EC The Certificate in IP Law is designed exclusively for trainee patent attorneys. It is a one-semester (13 week) course offering the same compulsory subjects as the MSc Management of Intellectual Property programme although there is greater concentration on many of the practical aspects of patents, designs and trade marks and greater involvement of patent practitioners to complement the academic treatment of the subject matter. The course of study extends over one semester and consists of instruction in the following subjects: Copyright and Designs Law of Trade Marks and Unfair Competition Patent Law Competition Law Basic Principles of English Law, Practice and Evidence There is an intensive coverage of the law and practice of Patents and Trade Secrets (15 sessions), Trade Marks and Unfair Competition (12 sessions), Copyright and Related Rights (10 sessions), Competition Law (10 sessions), which is included because, in a sense, it is the antithesis of 'monopoly' or exclusive rights, which intellectual property law affords and protects, and is today relevant to all intellectual property practitioners, and an introduction to those General Principles of Law and Practice which are of especial relevance to intellectual property practitioners. The emphasis is primarily, but not exclusively, upon United Kingdom law: thus, considerable attention is paid to the European Patent Convention and to EC Law, which, today, are at least as important as UK domestic law, and to other regional arrangements and international conventions which affect the activities of the UK practitioner. Professional Exams Exemption Students who complete their examinations successfully are exempt from the foundation level papers of the Joint Examination Board of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. Entry requirements For entry requirements see the MSc Management of Intellectual Property. How to apply Applications should be made on the official application forms. There are two ways in which you can apply for a postgraduate programme. 1. Apply online – using our online application form. This is the preferred method of application. Apply online: Certificate in Intellectual Property Law online application form. Full guidance notes are provided during the online application process. Equivalent or Lower Qualifications (ELQ) students Fees Read Queen Mary's policy on ELQ students and Fees in response to the new Government policy. 2. Paper-based application Visit our postgraduate application page to download an application form.


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