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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc. - Nursing, Pg.Dip Pg.Cert

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Description This course is specially designed to meet the personal, academic and professional needs of those who hold posts in management, education, research or clinical practice Structure The course is modular and can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis. Studying full-time, you will normally undertake four modules in semester one, four modules in semester two, and complete a project/dissertation. The part-time route is more flexible. You can also register as an associate student to study single modules in areas of interest. Course Covers Core modules: - Research methods or evidence based health and social care - Advancing nursing practice - Practice development - Plus, three to be selected from a range of modules relating to clinical practice, leadership or educational themes: - Advanced skills in facilitation and assessment - Approaches to evaluation of clinical judgment and decision support - Current issues in education - Curriculum development - Developing professional education: work-based learning - Developing professional practice: work-based learning - Education in action - Independent study - Leadership - An integrated approach to breathlessness in palliative care - Managing change in healthcare - Managing healthcare education - Perspectives in family and community health - Primary care, working together creatively - Public health perspectives - Quality in healthcare - Role of the expert nurse in managing the acutely ill patient - Working with and for communities - Working with people with complex pain and symptoms Elective modules: Two to be chosen from either the remaining core specialist nursing array or from other Masters Degree Programmes. Plus - a Project/Dissertation (MSc only, which represents one-third of the MSc).
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