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Applied Professional Studies in Education and Training



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Applied Professional Studies in Education and Training

Format: Online

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The School of Educational Studies is proud to announce a new and alternative source for studying the MSc in APS - via the Internet and Web. From September 1997 the first APS modules will be available, and over the following months, new modules will come on-line. This new mode of course delivery offers you:
  • a complete course delivered by Internet, using the World WideWeb
  • e-mail communication with each module's tutor
  • assignments submitted and returned electronically
  • a discussion forum for students and tutors
  • an introductory, paper-based guide to get you startedThe Internet course comprises tutorial text, activities, and graphics, as in the current paper-based study guides. Most importantly, the Internet course also offers links to related educational sites of interest on the World Wide Web, many of which offer additional educational links, giving students access to a wealth of background information and research.
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