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LLM Information and Technology (Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma)

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Since its emergence during the Second World War, the electronic computer has transformed every aspect of our lives. The pace of development has been amazing. We hear much of Moore’s Law which states that processing capabilities double every 2 years. Any comparisons across time are sometimes unrealistic but it is also stated that if a smart phone of today could be sent back in time by no more than 20 years, it would have been the most powerful computer in the world. Alongside the development of processing capabilities, the last 4 decades have seen increasing integration between the computer and telecommunications networks. Much is said today about cloud computing. Increasingly, it is a matter of little importance whether data or processing capabilities are located on one's own computers or can be accessed remotely as and when needed. In a very short period of time, driven largely by the emergence of mobile telephony, we have more from a position where the status quo was a public sector monopoly to the emergence of fiercely competitive markets within the telecommunications sector. All of these developments possess very significant legal implications and the key purpose of the LLM course is to give you a comprehensive introduction to the challenges that developments in the information technology and telecommunications sectors pose for the law and as to the manner in which legal systems are responding. The teaching focus on the course will be on developments in the UK and the European Union but one of the fascinating aspects of the topic is that all countries are having to deal with the same issues and, in the era of globalization, there is political and economic pressure to arrive at global solutions.


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All students should meet the University's English Language requirements. US students who have been taught and assessed in English do not need to provide evidence of their ability.

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