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Industrial Relations and Workplace Learning MSc

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The MSc in Industrial Relations and Workplace Learning combines a more traditional focus on industrial relations with workplace learning and broader human resource development issues. This course is designed to meet the learning and professional development needs of a range of practitioners, including trade union organisers and representatives, managers, researchers and policy-makers who are involved in employee relations either from the perspective of the individual or the organisation, as well as those who require a broad academic foundation for work in these fields. Students will generally be involved in delivering, managing or promoting learning and training in an unionised environment. You will acquire the latest academic and professional knowledge in understanding employee relations and workplace learning. The central aim is to provide you with knowledge and skills relevant to address the significant changes taking place in the work of learning, training and human resource professionals, such as the need for practitioners to engage with a global and diverse workforce, and to understand resulting changes in the employment relationship. The course aims to foster critical evaluation and reflection on the use of existing techniques and new ideas, the contexts appropriate for such ideas, and the objectives for which they are used. Through critical reflection, we encourage students to reassess their role and that of other practitioners, as well as the contribution they make to their organisations in an international context. There is also an option at Module 3 to enhance this knowledge in the global or national comparative context, or to focus on organisational performance and skills. A key overall aim of this course is to develop the 'academically-informed' practitioner-researcher. As part of this, the course equips you with the necessary skills to undertake research work in the industrial relations, learning and training fields.


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