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Defending Your Organisation Against Fraud and Corruption (CPD module)



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Successfully completing the course will provide you with 15 Master's level credits of study and a Confirmation of Completion.

Format: Online

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Fraud and corruption affects us all. It's in the news every single day and at worst it is seen in some circles as necessary for business to operate. Properly combating fraud and corruption is still an elusive goal. Time and again we see people and apparently well-managed organisations subjected to major embarrasment, financial penalities or even bankruptcy as the result of inappropriate actions and failings by 'trusted' individuals. This course requires that we learn to address the challenge; how we can ensure that we actively defend ourselves and our organisations against the very real threats we would rather not see? Aims and objectives Demystify fraud and corruption (what it is, who does it and why, what it costs us). Explore how to bridge the gap between anti-fraud and corruption and 'rhetoric' and the reality of the world we live in. Learn how to spot fraud, and develop your own fraud and corruption risk assessment which represents a true picture of what could be happening (in your organisation). Demonstrate in practical steps what you can do to pre-empt and prevent fraud, corruption and all forms of unethical business behaviour in your organisation. Why study this course? Most organisations have their fair share of fraud and corruption, and it affects all of us. As we know, what comes out in the press is the sharp tip of the iceberg. So can we really accept in these austere times to carry hidden costs and lose value through unethical behaviour perpetrated against us? At the School of Management we have decided to take a stand and teach what most business schools still do not teach... defence against the commercial dark side. How will the course be taught? This is a 12 week course delivered solely online using engaging audio-visual based teaching methods in addition to selected case studies. The course will be moderated by a leading practitioner on fraud and corruption, who will share their experiences and insights with the group. In addition to all of this, the course provides you with full access to the extensive library provision offered by the University of Leicester. The course is assessed by a practice based assignment. In addition to the development of key skills and acquiring new knowledge, successfully completing the course will provide you with 15 Master's level credits of study and a Confirmation of Completion.


University of Leicester Defending your organisation against fraud and corruption is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

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