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International Security MA/ Postgraduate Diploma

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This course provides a thorough grounding in international security, focusing on developments since the end of the Cold War. As the events of 11th September 2001 and the subsequent Global War on Terror promulgated by the World’s lone superpower illustrate with shocking clarity, international security remains a vital issue on the global agenda. The search for a stable and just international security order has proven elusive, with war and armed conflict continuing in many parts of the world. At the same time, international security involves much more than states and military conflict. International security problems often stem from complex political, economic, environmental, social and cultural causes, and involve a broad range of non-state actors. The study of security in the contemporary international system thus poses a series of challenging intellectual questions and policy dilemmas, which this course will help you address in an informed and creative manner. The distinctive feature of this course is the way it seeks to integrate two elements: first, the theoretical and conceptual challenges involved in studying international security; and second, the main empirical problems and issues on the contemporary international security agenda. In addition, you will be encouraged to think about the way the security agenda varies in different regions of the world, such as Europe and the Middle East. Course modules Core: - International Security - Dissertation Option modules (three from the following – subject to availability): - The Art of Negotiation - Post-Cold War World Order - America and the World: The Making of US Foreign Policy - Democracy and Legitimacy in the EU - South African Foreign Policy: The Diplomacy of Isolation - International Migration: Political and Social Aspects - Human Rights, Ethics and War in the Post-Cold War Order - EU Enlargement and Democratic Consolidation in Post-Communist Europe - American Interventionism since 1993 - The Politics of Human Rights - The British Way of Warfare: Counter Insurgency since 1945 - Visions of the Modern American Presidency 1945-2000 - Diplomatic Systems - Strategic Studies - The International Politics of Protection - Theories of International Relations - The Ascent to Pre-eminence: The United States’ Emergence as a Global Power 1898-1948


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