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Applied Dual-Use Biosecurity Education



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Degrees Offered:

Postgraduate Certificate of Continueing Education

Format: Online

Program Description:

The potential exists for producing research in life sciences for peaceful purposes that are well-intended for public benefit but which could be misused and directed for purposes such as biowarfare and bioterrorism. Consequently, this has given rise to what is now widely known as the 'dual-use dilemma' and the growing debate about the dual-use nature of life sciences research with implications for biological weapons making. Historically, this dual-use potential has been underappreciated by the life sciences and wider communities. However, recent terrorism events have heightened awareness and concern for this issue. Subsequently, there have been a range of international calls to promote education and awareness-raising among life scientists on the dual-use aspects of scientists research and consequently among peace and conflict specialists. Successful completion of the course will lead to 20 UK Higher Education Master's-level credits.


University of Bradford
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