Staffordshire University

Department of Forensic Science

MSc Forensic Science


Stafford, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MSc Forensic Science, PgD Forensic Science;PgC Forensic Science;

Format: Online

Program Description:

Build upon your previous experience in the biological or chemical sciences to develop your ability to analyse evidence in a myriad of forms. The emphasis is on accuracy, accountability and thoroughness, with the ultimate aim of providing results and interpretation for use by a court of law.
At Postgraduate Certificate level the emphasis is on the crime scene, specifically the collection, packaging and analysis of evidence such as fingermarks, footwear marks, documents, hairs, fibres and glass. Those continuing on to the Postgraduate Diploma will then change the emphasis of their studies to the chemical and biological analysis of evidence in forensic laboratories, from the interpretation of bloodspatter evidence to the analysis of illicit drugs, and from DNA profiling to the analysis of fire accelerants and drugs. The Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma stages of study each end in a two-week long residential practical programme. MSc students continue their studies with an independent research project in a specialised area of forensic science where the emphasis is on initiative and originality in the analysis and interpretation of results.


The course has been submitted to the Forensic Science Society (UK) for accreditation and a successfu
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