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Format: Online

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This programme is suited to lawyers wanting academic support for their existing practice or experience,and to practitioners in a variety of disciplines seeking a new specialism. To gain the diploma, students must complete the compulsory core half unit (the environment, legal control and EC regulation), and the equivalent of two further units from the options.

The LLM is normally attained by completing one additional full unit or two half units, and the compulsoryproject. The project should be taken in parallel with the second year unit/half units. The choice to graduate at diploma or LLM level may be made on enrolment or later. The distance-learning mode involves attendance at De Montfort University for an induction weekend, and then three Saturday schools during the calendar year. The programme normally starts in October. The intervening period is used for individual study. Staff-student interchange is facilitated by coursework materials, designated telephone lines, e-mail links and written responses to coursework submissions.

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