Newcastle University

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Sociology and Social Research


School of Psychology

Percy Building

Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MA, Diploma

Format: Campus

Program Description:

This programme is designed for graduates and professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of the range of sociological work, while also developing a high level of research skills. It provides students with the knowledge and understanding, skills and aptitudes necessary to undertake advanced research in the social sciences in general, and sociology in particular. The programme gives students: (a) an appreciation of the theoretical traditions that influence and shape sociology as a discipline; (b) an awareness of the philosophical principles and epistemological frameworks that underpin all social enquiry; (c) an understanding of social divisions as structures of power and inequality; (d) an understanding of the profound transformations in contemporary society and the implications of this for understanding collective and individual agency; (e) a strong practical grounding in a range of research methods and awareness of the epistemological consequences of methodological issues and choices.
You take modules (120 credits û 70 compulsory and 50 optional) from: sociological thought and explanation; political and urban sociology; social divisions and inequality; a specialist study in sociology; thinking about research û puzzles, paradoxes and problems; introduction to information skills; qualitative and quantitative methodology in the social sciences; dissertation preparation. Modules typically include a diverse range of approaches, including lectures, seminars, workshops, exercises and student presentations. Assessment is by continuous assessment only. The MA involves a dissertation on a sociological topic (60 credits). The Diploma is available for those who do not undertake the dissertation.


The programme is research training recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) und
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