Newcastle University

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Gender Research


School of Psychology

Percy Building

Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Diploma, MA

Format: Campus

Program Description:

This programme provides students with the opportunity to address systematically a range of issues concerning the construction of gender and sexuality and questions of difference and equality. It develops skills in critical analysis, reasoning, synthesis, logical thought, evaluation, debate, and approaches understanding gender. It also enables development of the knowledge and understanding, skills and aptitudes necessary to undertake advanced research in the social sciences in general, and in gender research in particular, both in the MA and, where appropriate, in a PhD.
You take compulsory modules (120 credits), which provide the theoretical, methodological and substantive frameworks of the programme. Theoretical includes: theories of gender. Methodological includes: introduction to information skills; thinking about research û puzzles, paradoxes and problems; feminist research issues; dissertation preparation; qualitative methodology in the social sciences; quantitative methodology in the social sciences. Substantive includes: social divisions and inequality; a specialist study.
MA students then develop skills in these three areas through the design and completion of a dissertation project (60 credits). Students are guided through their projects by an expert in their research area from the range of staff who contribute to the programme. Many former students have progressed to PhD study using their MA theses as a springboard into the advanced study required for a doctoral thesis. The Diploma is available for those who do not undertake the dissertation.


The programmeÆs high-quality research training is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Cou
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