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Digital Architecture


School of Psychology

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Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

United Kingdom

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This programme aims to equip you with the knowledge, skills and experience required to apply digital theories and technologies in your professional career, and to contribute to research in the field of digital architecture. A degree in architecture is not a prerequisite for entrance to this programme. In particular, graduates of ICT or design-related undergraduate programmes may find the programme suitable for career development.
The degree covers three areas of study: (a) digital design û the role that ICT can play in the design and realisation of buildings and the built environment; (b) digital theories û the theory base of digital technologies and digital architecture, and the interplay between virtual and physical environments; (c) digital practice û the way that digital technologies can support business, and the new business models that are developing in response to these technologies.

You take compulsory modules (80 credits) in: architecture in the information age; emergent digital design methods; evaluation, analysis and research; advanced visualisation techniques; collaborative working in design. You also select optional modules (40 credits) which may include: virtual design; visualisation in design; understanding buildings û competing concepts of design; urban design and conservation; rural planning; issues in landscape planning and sustainability. Finally you complete an individual research project (60 credits).


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission
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