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MA Design for Interactive Media


The Burroughs

The Burroughs

London, England

United Kingdom

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MA Design for Interactive Media

Format: Campus

Program Description:

 We learned a long time ago that Interactive Media are not just about the conventional screens of the PC and the TV. They are everywhere in our pockets, on our wrists, on the walls of an exhibition, embedded in other devices. The way we experience them has expanded too. Interaction design includes websites and services of all kinds, television, virtual environments, installations and kiosk systems, games, CD and DVD, advanced educational technologies, ubiquitous computing, multi-sensory input, intelligent appliances and mobile technologies, interactive artworks and digital performances. Our students learn how to design and build everything that falls within the scope of interactive media.

In the seventeen years since we launched this world-leading creative masters programme, we have helped to drive the three phases through which Interactive Media has grown first, CD-ROMs; then the Web; and now media which are ubiquitous, pervasive, physical, multi-modal. Whether you want to know how to design a crystal-clear website that communicates with perfect effectiveness, develop a pervasive game played on mobile phones or simply have an unrivalled opportunity to think about where interactive media are going, we can provide what you need.

Our students learn to think in new, exciting and useful ways about interactivity - and acquire the skills to put these thoughts into


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