London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

MSc Media and Communications / MSc Media and Communications (Research)


Houghton Street

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc.-Media and Communications, M.Sc.-Media and Communications (Research)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

These programmes offer an intensive, year-long exploration of a wide range of contemporary issues in media and communications. They aim to provide: A broad-based understanding of the development and forms of media systems in relation to political economy and power, production and organisation, processes of mediation and influence, communication content and audience response. An up-to-date engagement with diverse theoretical, conceptual and empirical developments in research on media and communications. A mix of core and optional courses, culminating in an independent research project in media and communications, that provides an ideal preparation for research or employment in media and communications and related fields. The flexibility to tailor the programme to pursue particular topics of interest by selecting from a wide range of courses taught by leading experts in the Department of Media and Communications and other departments at LSE. Compulsory courses: Theories and Concepts in Media and Communications (Power and Processes); Methods of Research in Media and Communications (for students on MSc Media and Communications); Advanced Methods of Research in Media and Communications (for students on Research track); Dissertation. Choose three to the value of one and a half units from a list including: (two for students on the Research track): Political Communication; The Audience in Media and Communications; Social Psychology of the Media; Citizenship and the Media; Media, Technology and Everyday Life; New Media, Information and Knowledge Systems; Cultural Theory; many others.

International Student Requirements:

IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 627
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