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London School of Economics and Political Science

MSc International Relations Theory


Houghton Street

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc.-International Relations Theory

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The MSc International Relations Theory is a new programme designed for those students who wish to study International Relations from a theoretical perspective; material to be studied will include classical and modern realism and liberalism, the ‘English School’, constructivism, normative theory and gender and feminist writings. This programme is particularly suitable for those students intending to proceed to a research degree and an academic career, but will also be of interest to anyone who wishes to deepen their conceptual grasp of contemporary international relations. Core courses: theories of international relations; 10,000 word dissertation. One from: sovereignty, rights and justice; gender, justice and war; concepts and methods of international relations; strategic aspects of international relations; international organisations and regimes. Choices also available from the MSc International Relations.

International Student Requirements:

IELTS 7.0 ot TOEFL 627
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