London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

MPhil/PhD Philosophy


Houghton Street

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Phil./Ph.D.-Philosophy, M.Phil./Ph.D.-Philosophy

Format: Campus

Program Description:

We accept students for MPhil and PhD research programmes in any of the fields in which the department has special expertise – including philosophy of science, moral philosophy, philosophy and public policy, philosophy of social science, philosophy and foundations of physics, philosophy and foundations of economics, philosophy and foundations of decision theory, evolutionary and game theory, and philosophy of probability. We aim to produce philosophers with a first rate thesis as well as teaching skills. A successful thesis, no matter how sharply focused, must be based on wider expertise. We therefore require students to take an element of course work in both of their first two years as well as beginning work on their thesis. This involves a combination of examination courses (usually taken from one of our MSc degrees) and seminar courses with extended essays. In particular you will attend research methods seminars given by members of the Department on frontier topics in the field and be asked to write papers for these seminars. Although you should have some idea of your likely research topic when applying, there is scope for changes during the first two years. You need to settle on a definite research topic during your second year. This must be in consultation with academics – precise topics can only be accepted if someone in the Department is ready to supervise your thesis. Please note that if your first language is not English, you need to submit a sample of your work in English (five to ten typewritten pages) with your application.

International Student Requirements:

IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 627
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