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Students undertake the equivalent of four full courses (some courses are half units). The courses currently offered in the Law Department are set out below. Not all courses are offered every year; students should therefore confirm the availability of courses they regard as crucial to their study plans. As part of the programme, all students must complete a substantial piece of writing. This requirement can be satisfied in various ways, for example by completing a full unit taught course which is formally assessed entirely by dissertation, or by following a full unit taught course and electing to be examined by dissertation. Dissertations are typically 15,000 words long. The department runs a series of lectures and seminars to assist students in their research projects. Students can choose courses from the whole range of Law options (subject to timetable constraints and class sizes). Alternatively, students may obtain approval to take one, or exceptionally two, complementary subjects from another master's degree at LSE in place of the equivalent number of law subjects. For example, international lawyers may choose to take a course in international relations; criminologists may take a course in sociology; constitutional lawyers may take a course in political theory; company lawyers may take a course in financial reporting. Courses are typically taught in seminar groups meeting for two hours each week, although there are also some larger lecture courses and some smaller classes. Students are expected to prepare by reading and to undertake some written assignments prior to seminars. Examinations usually take place in May or June, and dissertations are submitted at the beginning of September.

International Student Requirements:

IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 627
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