London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University

Financial Regulation and Compliance Management


31 Jewry Street

Macmillan Way

London, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Postgraduate Diploma;Postgraduate Certificate, M.Sc.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Aims of the course This part-time course is a unique vocational Masters for regulatory and compliance professionals. It shares the MBA's aim of preparing you for senior management roles but is specifically designed for those working in a regulatory or compliance role, or who wish to progress to a leadership role in this area. The course is interdisciplinary; making use of economics, finance, law, ethics, and public policy but is centred around the perspective of management. It aims to meet the specific career needs of the growing number of professionals in compliance, regulation and related areas, such as audit, risk and operations. The course aims to: offer a rigorous and intellectually demanding course of study that introduces you to regulation and compliance literature and also focuses on the insights that such 'theory' can provide into the practice of regulatory and compliance management and the interpretation of organisational situations introduce you to the key techniques and principles that are generally accepted as underpinning effective regulation and compliance management, from both a firm's and the regulator's perspectives provide you with an in-depth understanding of the international nature of financial regulation ensure you are familiar with the impact of regulation on corporate governance and behaviour and can apply this to future strategy provide an environment that encourages you to reflect on your personal development introduce you to key issues in research methodology and a number of research techniques in preparation for an extended dissertation. Overall, we aim to prepare you for the intellectual, analytical, creative and interpersonal challenges of senior management in financial services organisations and regulators.
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