London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University

Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation


31 Jewry Street

Macmillan Way

London, England

United Kingdom

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Architectural History, Theory and Interpretation

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Aims of the course This course is committed to understanding architecture through direct experience as well as through formal histories and theories. An interdisciplinary approach aims to link architecture to the rest of culture. The investigation of buildings, streets and landscapes - every kind of inhabited space - is a feature of the course, which is offered by a lively architecture department in the middle of one of the world's great cities. In this department, theory never becomes divorced from practice, from the processes of design, construction, use and interpretation. The course will appeal to graduates who want challenging and adventurous study. It is also intended for architects who want to strengthen their cultural or intellectual base by reading, thinking and formulating ideas about architecture, its history and potential.
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