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Computer Vision and Image Analysis


Kingston University

Kingston Upon Thames, England

United Kingdom

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Computer vision and image analysis is a rapidly evolving field with a wide range of applications. These include security and surveillance; biomedical analysis and biometrics measurement; pattern recognition; content-based image retrieval; 3D modelling; traffic monitoring and control; automated inspection and quality control; robot assembly; analysis of remotely sensed images; and other applications of industrial and social interest. This course provides you with the techniques and tools you need to build a complete computer vision system. Starting with different imaging devices and acquisition techniques, you build on your knowledge to understand and use the relevant image processing, feature extraction and pattern recognition algorithms. It is ideal if you are already working in industry and wish to advance your skills in this constantly evolving area. What will you study? You cover all three elements of computer vision systems through the course's core modules: * image acquisition (Imaging Devices module); * image processing (Digital Imaging module); and * image interpretation (Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks module). You also gain the tools and techniques you need to enhance your knowledge of the numerical analysis techniques used for all three elements. There is an emphasis on advanced techniques from numerical analysis, applied mathematics (linear algebra, probability and statistics), industrial computer programming and software engineering for computer vision systems.


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