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Child Psychology


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Kingston Upon Thames, England

United Kingdom

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This course looks at applied research in child psychology. It focuses on the advanced study of psychological development with regard to children and the implications of psychological theory and research for policy and practice. If you are interested in pursuing a research career in child or developmental psychology, or if you are a childcare professional wishing to enhance your knowledge, this course is ideal. You will be introduced to the theories of child psychology and encouraged to consider them in relation to the ‘real world'. You will also cover the empirical research and theories of development psychology, with a focus on the implications for policy and practice. In addition you will have the opportunity to study topics such as the application of developmental psychology to social policy, such as children within the legal system, social issues, education and school issues, and health; and the issues and factors influencing the development of children's relationships. You will also complete a dissertation on a topic of your choice.


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