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The MRC encompasses the following major themes: Genetic, molecular and cellular bases of neural tube regionalisation Regulation of neural crest and placode development Patterning and specification of cranial motor neurons Axon guidance and targeting Molecular mechanisms of axon growth and regeneration Mechanisms of gene regulation in the nervous system Development of visual pathways and function Synaptic plasticity and development. Our aim is to understand, at the molecular and cellular level, the basis of the development of the nervous system and through this to understand the mechanisms that promote and limit regenerative processes. The work as a whole will give novel insights into the molecular mechanisms that either directly cause a range of neurodegenerative diseases or limit regeneration following injury to the nervous system. The basic scientific information generated by the group is already providing a basis for the development of rational therapies to promote nerve regeneration, and for the development of novel vectors for gene therapy. Understanding the development of the nervous system presents us with problems relating to the generation of the distinct cell types that populate the brain, the migration of these cells, the ability of these cells to form neural networks, the maintenance of function of the neural networks, and repair of the networks as a consequence of pathological process. There is now little doubt that molecules and mechanisms are conserved over a wide range of cell functions, and this creates enormous potential for the sharing of molecular tools within the group This exceptional grouping provides a very strong, supportive and unique environment in which postgraduate students can develop their research skills.


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