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The most wide-ranging programme in its field covering the urgent ethical issues of our globalising world including climate change, war, terrorism, poverty, inequality, trade, justice and human rights. Taught by distinguished academic staff at the School of Law at King's, their areas of expertise include a very wide range of topics in ethics and political philosophy. Based in the vibrant heart of London, close to the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice, multinational corporate headquarters and international NGOs. The programme seeks to encourage and develop your own thinking about the complex theoretical and practical issues you will study. It does this by providing you with the analytic skills which will enable you to address those issues with philosophical rigour. It draws extensively on different branches of philosophy, politics and international relations and requires you to become familiar with a wide range of the ideas, concepts and problems within those areas. In the first semester you will be exposed to a range of philosophical approaches within epistemology, ethics and political philosophy which will be applied to topics of concern in a globalising world. The second semester is even more applied: you will be asked to apply the philosophical techniques and conceptual frameworks of the first semester to various global issues ranging from terrorism to environmental concerns, human rights, world poverty and international justice. The core topics are: ethics; contemporary political philosophy; ideological conflict, belief and philosophy. The options will depend on the research interests of staff at any given time and so may vary. Current offerings include: human responsibility for the world and its future; conflict: its origins, ethics and containment; citizenship; health, values & justice; human rights; international justice; the ethics of global culture. The programme is designed for those who have studied philosophy, politics, economics, history or social science; those in government, an international aid agency or an NGO; those involved in corporate social responsibility in the commercial sector; those with relevant experience.


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Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

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