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Social Science Research Methods


Student Recruitment Officer, Department of Academic Affairs

Keele, England

United Kingdom

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This MRes in Social Science Research Methods prepares students for a research-related career by providing a structured programme of training in a range of research skills and methodologies, to enable students to approach a research project in a systematic and professional way. Increasingly, students wishing to take doctoral programmes are required first to undertake a year’s research training (or equivalent), and this MRes programme will provide that preparation required to successfully complete a PhD in the normal period of three years. Until the 1990s, postgraduate research was focused exclusively on the production of an original doctoral thesis. It is now seen as part of a much broader programme of research training. While the doctoral thesis remains central and is unique for the viva voce examination, issues of research design, research methods for gathering evidence, and procedures for data analysis relevant to the student’s own academic discipline are now also included as part of the explicit research training process.


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