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Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh , Scotland  
  • The course has a long pedigree and is now one of, if not, the largest MSc Construction Management (Project Management) programmes in the UK in terms of student numbers. It is one of only five such courses in the UK to operate within a built environment... more >

  • The aim of this advanced course is to provide a natural follow-up to typical undergraduate courses in electrical and electronic engineering, concentrating onthe general area of digital systems. It offers a wide range of options of immediate relevance to... more >

  • This distance learning course has been developed to provide property professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in the investment property market and to compete there with other investment professionals. The course recognises... more >

  • This course will provide you with the basic principles, analytical tools, and methods based on various Information Technology concepts. more >

  • The program is largely self generated and engages with the wider issues of architecture and environmental design. Tuition is structured around units, which are centred on themes. Students construct a program of study within a common framework that is in... more >

  • The program comprises a series of course modules, each of one week's duration, which are open to individual students and to companies, and which may be accumulated within the prescribed framework towards the degree of MSc. The degree will be awarded by... more >

  • Chemistry is central to the production of materials with controlled properties. more >

  • The focus of physical chemistry research lies in the interaction of laser radiation, ions and electrons with molecules and surfaces. more >

  • This course is offered jointly by the Universities of Heriot-Watt and Glasgow, and is recognised as one of the premier courses in the UK for offering advanced up-to-date training in the theory and practice of geotechnical engineering. The two Universiti... more >

  • The application of colour is ever widening and there is a large industry devoted to its manufacture and use. Not only are dyes and pigments used to colour textiles, paper, plastics, food, printing inks, paints etc, but they also find extensive applicati... more >

  • This course aims to develop students' existing skills by advanced study in the areas of finance and banking, particularlyat the international level. more >

  • The aim of the course is to reflect recent significant advances in mobile communications in the wider context of the rapidly developing digital commun... more >

  • The Nanotechnology and Microsystems MSc course will produce graduates with up-to-date understanding of the emerging field of nanotechnology as well as... more >

  • This course aims to build on the basic and varied content of undergraduate courses in electrical engineering, or related subjects, and to focus on a n... more >

  • This collaborative course between Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Collage of Art course aims to provide students with the theoretical and practic... more >

  • The use of natural ventilation, novel building facades and services plant, along with the use of computational fluid dynamics to model their performance, are becoming increasingly important aspects of mainstream construction projects, and Engineers poss... more >

  • As our structural infrastructure ages there is a fast developing need for expertise in the assessment of its condition, and reliability in its maintenance and repair technology. In order to be able to assess the structural performance of either deterior... more >

  • Students on this degree program which is offered at Honours level MUST study two languages (from French, German, Spanish and Russian) in their First Y... more >

  • In recent years, the amount of digital image information to be stored, processed and distributed has grown dramatically. more >

  • This course, offered jointly by Heriot-Watt and Glasgow Universities, provides expert up-to-date knowledge in the field of water engineering and water resources management. It is suitable for graduatesin Civil Engineering, Earth Sciences and related dis... more >

  • This course aims to equip engineers and scientists with the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle these design challenges in modern engineering. more >

  • Fully accredited by the Institute of Personnel and Development, this program provides students with the experience and qualification to enter a career in Personnel Management. Students come to the course from a wide range of backgrounds. The programme i... more >

  • The Systems stream is suitable for applicants with the mathematical background that comes with a physical science or engineering degree; the HCI and Business versions are for applicants who have studied probability and statistics in,for example, a busin... more >

  • Research in organic chemistry is strongly oriented towards the synthesis of compounds of potential medicinal use. more >

  • This advanced course provides postgraduate training tailored to the needs of the Photonics industry. more >

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