Chester College

Chester College

Work-Based and Integrative Studies


Parkgate Road

Chester, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Certificate in Advanced Studies;Diploma in Advanced Studies; Postgraduate Certificate; Postgraduate Diploma, MA; MSc

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The program is ideal for those who recognize the potential of learning through work and are prepared toassume a high degree of responsibility for their own learning. It offers flexible and adaptable study modesfor those seeking professional development opportunities, and for whom customized programs relatingdirectly to the work setting are the most effective way of achieving their objectives.

A typical program will begin with Self Review and Negotiation of Learning. This enables participants toundertake a self audit and complete a claim for prior learning, if appropriate. It also provides the context forneeds analysis and action planning, leading to the negotiation of a program of study. Usually this will befollowed by a module on Work Based Learning Research Methods, which prepares participants for study inthe work context. Participants then follow their individually negotiated study program, for which they willhave demonstrated coherence. This may include taught modules from one or more discipline areascombined with projects in the workplace.

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