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Cardiff University

Transport and Planning International


UWCM, Heath Park

Museum Avenue

Cardiff, Wales

United Kingdom

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Degrees Offered:

M.Sc. - Transport and Planning International

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Transport Planning has received a much higher public profile in recent years. This reflects increasing national and international recognition of the two key problems associated with transport issues, and especially unbridled growth in private car traffic: increasing congestion, with its associated delays; and pollution issues, varying from the global (environmental warming) to the local (air pollution and asthma). At a professional and technical level, there is increasing recognition of the significance of the interactions between transport and the wider question of land use; that land-use decisions both influence, and are in turn influenced by, developments in transport technology and transport system capacity. The historic approach, that land uses happen in isolation, and transport planning is essentially concerned with engineering in retro-fitted facilities, has been found wanting, and a wider perspective is essential. The study of Transport has thus become a major part of the work of the Department of City and Regional Planning, where staff are concerned with many transport related research projects, and students are working for MSc, MPhil and PhD degrees. The department also has close links with several universities and other academic institutions overseas.


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