Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Political Theory


UWCM, Heath Park

Museum Avenue

Cardiff, Wales

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.Sc. Econ. - Political Theory

Format: Campus

Program Description:

In part, the MScEcon scheme aims overall to cultivate in students a clear comprehensive knowledge of the principal forms of reasoning and argument used in contemporary political theory; to ensure a wide knowledge base of the diverse approaches taken to political argument; and to be enable students to appreciate and offer balanced assessments of these arguments. It is also designed to impart and develop research skills specifically related to the student's special area of interest in order to prepare the theoretical and methodological groundwork for both a dissertation and, if required, for a future PhD programme. The MScEcon will consequently (apart from its relevance for further postgraduate work) also prepare students for careers in the private and public sectors, mainly because it trains students to a high level of logical and organisational skill, enhancing abilities for rigorous analytical arguments and assessment of difficult and controversial issues. The skills learnt are both generic and transferable.


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