Bath Spa University

MA in Literature and Landscape


Sion HIll Campus

Sion Hill Place

Bath, England

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Arts (MA) in Literature and Landscape.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The MA in Literature and Landscape examines how literature reflects and shapes the way in which we see the landscape and the environment and it gives students the opportunity to study the kind of analyses that are becoming increasingly important to the direction of modern English literary studies. The MA draws upon our staff's internationally recognised expertise in the field; our location in a World Heritage site; and it offers tremendous opportunities for students to access unique regional resources. Ever since Raymond Williams' seminal study 'The Country and the City', literary critics have become increasingly conscious of the way landscape is represented. This has gained considerable momentum with the spatial and environmental turns of the 1990s and the rapid growth of ecocriticism - literary criticism focused on the representation of the natural world and environmentally-concious writings. Literary heritage tourism and the use of computer mapping techniques within literary studies as well as within cultural geography are more recent developments which this MA will exploit. It will enable students to address such questions as: how does literature debate humanity's relationship with 'Nature'? How do the conventions of representing various landscapes change over time? What makes 'the country' or 'the wild' what it is? How is 'the city' characterised in literature? How does literature represent environmental destruction? Is it influenced by modern environmental movements?


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