Bath Spa University

MA in Educational Studies - Doctorate


Sion HIll Campus

Sion Hill Place

Bath, England

United Kingdom

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MA in Educational Studies - Doctorate

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The MA Educational Studies is a one-year programme. Students can choose their specialism fromEducation managementInternational education managementGlobal citizenshipEducation policy Each course counts as 30 credits The course has a strong global and international perspective and examines such questions as: What is the nature of learning and teaching in different countries and cultures? What is the relationship between education and the economy? How is education changing as it enters the market place? How are education systems managed? Who takes decisions about the curriculum and teaching? How far do, or should, governments control education? What is the role of professional educators? What will be the role of schools and universities in the future? What is the future for education in the knowledge economy? The Master's Degree in Education Studies is intended to allow you to study educational topics in depth. It is not a teacher training programme, and you don't need to be a qualified teacher to do it. It is for anyone who is interested in educational policy, practice and theory. The programme has a strong international content and you will have the chance to work alongside students from other countries. You will have the opportunity to study areas of particular interest to you.
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