Eastern Mediterranean University

Faculty of Architecture

MSc in Urban Design


Faculty of Architecture, Famagusta, N. Cyprus,

Canakkale, Canakkale


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MSc in Urban Design

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The MSc in Urban Design programme is an interdisciplinary advance degree programme in which the students articulate issues which integrate the main fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. The programme makes full use of its setting in Cyprus, an island with great historical, traditional and natural qualities and explores its evolving environments of settlements which act as wide ranging planning and urban design laboratories for the studio-based projects or thesis studies.

This MSc in Urban Design program introduces theoretical concepts and practical methods of urban design. It enables students to understand processes of urban design production and consumption, and to develop skills and techniques of communicating three-dimensional urban design that is not adequately dealt in the programs of school of architecture. It provides knowledge of urban concepts and issues, preparing architects, planners, landscape architects, and other relevant professionals to affect patterns of urbanization, manage urban growth and sustain existing urban areas.
Within this program, particular emphasis is placed upon the design of the city or parts of the city, and the mechanisms and tools that may effectively be used to secure and deliver projects for the long-term benefit of a city (or a town) and its people, through design studio courses.


The Higher Education Council of Turkey
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