Mahidol University at Salaya

Mahidol University at Salaya

Comparative Religion


25/25 Puttamonthon 4 Road

Salaya, Nakhon Pat 73170


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.A. - Comparative Religion

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The program  marks  a significant step  in the University’s effort to implement program of research and teaching which cover the whole range of fundamental human problems and possibilities. It is the introduction of the scientific study of religion into  the system  of  higher education in Thailand, and is based of the belief that religion, like other human experiences, can be  studied, analyzed  and criticised. The program is intended to serve two important  factors. In the first place, it would help encourage and  promote greater interest in the discipline of religious studies  that has the same relation to religion as sociology has to the structure an d dynamics of social life. Secondly, it would serve to acquaint students who are preparing for particular professions such as law, teaching and medicine with the  insights and resources of the great religious traditions. The contents of th e courses  are  intended to enrich and broaden the  students’  knowledge concerning both their own beliefs and the faiths of the others. It is also hoped that these contents would be of great value  to the  students  as they struggle to find the kind of purposes  and meanings in life and enable them to use their technical  knowledge and teaching in more creative and socially productive ways.
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