Chulalongkorn University: Bangkok

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Chulalongkorn University Bangkok , Krung Thep  
  • Seminar on the scope of architecture and various topics related to architecture, including the state of the art and concept in architecture as a field... more >

  • A review of the methods that have been used to solve problems in marine science. more >

  • A study of modern French phonological, morphological and syntactics systems. more >

  • Seminar on concepts, ways and trend in curriculum development and implementations, Theory, system andinstructional methods and techniques used in diff... more >

  • Evolution of education and educational thought from the past to the present with emphasis on social, political and historical influences on education. more >

  • Presentation of thesis proposal, discussion on topics in geologyand/or related fields. more >

  • Auditing theory; auditing standards; analysis of bases for current audit concepts; critical review of current and propective developments in professio... more >

  • Basic functions of computer system,the applications of microcom-puter in medical research and medical information system, emphasis on using microcomputer in collection, coding, verifying, editing, sorting, analysis, storing, and retrieving of data. more >

  • Seminar, discussion and presentation of current topics in physiology. more >

  • Study organizational patterns and management theories appropriate for managing libraries and information centers. more >

  • Instructors provide research topics in nuclear technology to students and each student is required to summarize with written report and oral presentation. more >

  • The Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance is a one year program designed for futuredecision-makers in the business and government sect... more >

  • Survey and analysis of current literatures in educational communications and technology; conducting a small scale research project. more >

  • Selected topic in Industrial Engineering and related field. Students are expected to present written paper. more >

  • Applied mathematics in chemical engineering, application of random variable theory. Control theory, complex variables, matrices, integral transform. Solution to partial differential equation found in engineering and research. more >

  • Philosophy and principles of non-formal education; goals of organizing non-formal education; development of human learning ability; creativity and human potential for applying in learning in non-formal education. more >

  • A study and survey of research in mathematics education and theories concerning mathematics education. more >

  • A study of the development of the grammatical structure of modern English, with emphasis on the application of linguistic science to speaking and writ... more >

  • Sources of population data; the measurement of population composition, spatial distribution, mortality, fertility, nuptiality, population change, population estimation. more >

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