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University of Lugano Lugano , Ticino  
  • The Master aims at students with a background in Humanities and Cultural Heritage, who want to enrich their previous background specializing in communication, cultural semiotics, education, multimedia, web and cultural heritage communication, and who wi... more >

  • This four-terms Master (120 ECTS) aims to provide an understanding of the communication processes in financial market: how financial information is generated, transmitted and analyzed.To achieve these goals it is necessary to understand the economics of... more >

  • The Master of Science in Informatics prepares students for current and emerging technologies in computer science. more >

  • This four-terms Master (120 ECTS) offers an education that comprehensively covers the field of communication within companies. It combines specific aspects of corporate communication with knowledge on corporate organization, economics and managegement. more >

  • The Master in International Tourism programme aims to provide the graduate student with information and knowledge, expertise, and innovative development models specially designed for the strategic management of tourist systems at different degrees of co... more >

  • This four-terms master offers an education that combines essential knowledge on the structure and the functioning (management, law and administration) of the main different types of institutions, with the knowledge on their specific internal and externa... more >

  • Architects today are called on to develop innovative forms of competence to enable them to work on different fronts, from the design of individual buildings to planning regional development, from the reuse of the historical legacy to the redevelopment o... more >

  • The Master in Finance provides a thorough understanding of financial theory and professional practice in financial markets. more >

  • Future experts in this domain are provided with specific analytical, planning, and management skills helping them to assess... more >

  • The MSc in Communication, Management and Health is offered by Institute of Communication and Health of USI's Faculty of... more >

  • The MSc in Management is designed to provide graduates with the necessary skills for understanding modern management concepts. more >

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