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Online M.B.A.

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The growth of distance learning as a successful education delivery method for professionals has been profound in the last 15 - 20 years. Where traditional face to face programs require you to be able to attend fixed locations on fixed dates, distance learning programs do not place such demands. If you are often on-the-go, often traveling or with constantly varying work commitments you may find the rigors of class work impossible to manage. The distance learning format suits the students‘ ability to juggle the competing demands of work, family and study. Ultimately, this depends on the type of person you are, your lifestyle and how you prefer to learn. Distance education as a mode of study can make for proactive and more immediate learning than that obtained on campus. E-learning enables you to work at your own pace (within certain limits), at the times which suit your lifestyle, personal circumstances and in an environment of your choosing. Online-MBA Majors -International Management -Marketing -Global Finance and Banking -Entrepreneurship -Human Resource Management SBS Swiss Business School offers the e-learning Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with several majors. One may choose to earn their degree in at least one of these majors depending upon professional background and intellectual interests. Within these majors, a great deal of flexibility is provided so that students may focus their studies on issues most important to them and their career. In our Online Learning Master's program, each course represents 3 credits out of a total of 48, including the Master's Thesis (3 credits), while students have the flexibility as to when and where they participate. It is required to complete projects, assignments, and exams, as assigned by the appointed professors. Each program consists of 15 courses, 10 general and 5 specialized.

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