Basel School of Design

Basel School of Design

Bachelor and Master in Visual Communication and Graphic Design


The Basel School of Design HGK FHNW Vogelsangstrasse 15

Basel, Basel-Stad 4008


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International Focus: The Visual Communication Institute/The Basel School of Design HGK FHNW has further developed the 1960’s Basel School of Design's influential tradition and international focus. The program of studies offers today accredited Bachelor's and Master's degrees, accepts exchange and guest students, does research and development in the design field, as well as third party design services. The school can boast of both a highly motivated international faculty and an equally motivated student body from Europe, North and South America, Japan and Korea. From Design Fundamentals to Individual Projects Today's program of studies continually confronts technological, economic, and social change. Visual Design competence remains the program's main educational goal. The point of departure for the teaching of fundamentals in each discipline is the solving of clear selective assignments. Gradual expansion on or opening up of design issues prepares students for their final individual projects. Design Research Methodologies and Inquiry by Design are the m ain focus in the master curricula. New Technologies and Contemporary Culture Digitalization and its effects are viewed as important factors in the contemporary development of the field of visual communication. The program of studies keeps pace with this development. Its purpose is to lend technology a humane and emotional form. Access to data, enabling us to utilize digital technology, needs experts capable of developing text and image information from this data, making it accessible and legible to a general public. The Visual Communication curriculum enables designers to actively participate in the creation of the information society by creating specific contributions to contemporary visual culture.