School of Architecture and the Built Environment

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Urban Planning and Design


Urban Design Program, KTH, DKV 30, Plan 1

Stockholm, Stockholms 11428


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.S.-Urban Planning and Design

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The first Scandinavian Master of Science Program in Urban Planning & Design. Urban planning and design gives form, shape and meaning to buildings, squares, streets, city blocks, quarters, districts, and metropolitan areas, articulating urban plans in three dimensions and establishing the rules, guidelines, and frameworks for architects, planners, surveyors and real estate developers to follow. The urban planner and designer deals with all the complexities, challenges and opportunities for designing cities. Urban design is related to urban planning, but it focuses more on the physical design of places and deals with the more fine-tuned scale. The purpose of the Masters Program in Urban Planning and Design at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is to fill a growing demand for a professional profile that will shape, manage and improve the quality of the urban environment. There is a growing recognition – both in the private and public sector - for the need of core knowledge in urban planning and design understanding today. This is equally important for architectural as well as planning education and practice. The core of this programme lies in the field in between urban planning and design.


One and a half years and global wide half year
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