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The programme is tailored for students with a background in medicine, natural sciences or technology who wish to apply their knowledge and work with the development and management of projects and companies in the life sciences. Your core courses during the programme all revolve around the central themes of how to manage and develop life science companies. You will study the entrepreneurial process and the factors that drive innovation. You will learn how products in this highly regulated industry are developed, often with long time spans and high costs. You will learn the specifics of the life science markets and how products are launched. You will also learn about business development and what drives the industry, such as collaborations, mergers and acquisitions. During the two years in the programme, these core courses will also be coupled with courses in general management and business, all to prepare you for your future career. These business courses are offered together with our partner university, KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology. A key concept within this programme is the application of knowledge in the real world. Therefore, many of the courses use real cases to learn from. Also, many of the lecturers are experienced business leaders who share their knowledge and experience. The two internships that are included in the programme let you practice what you have learned while you perform tasks in a company or organization within the field of life science. These experiences will give you valuable knowledge and insights as well as networks to provide you with a head start for your future career.


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