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The two-year international master's curriculum Nanomaterials provides you with high-level training in one of the most rapidly developing areas of Materials Physics. The physics of nanostructured materials is a fast-growing area where the fantastic potential of modern experimental methods, combined with quantum theory, lead to exciting discoveries and novel materials and technologies. The influence of quantum size effects on materials properties is for exampel used for new solar cells, catalytic converters, "smart windows", cosmetics, and various types of sensors. The Nanomaterials programme provides you with a solid training in one of the most rapidly developing areas of Physics. During the first year, there are five compulsory courses, covering quantum physics, solid state physics, experimental characterisation of materials, nanoscience, and computational methods in physics. Together with three of four optional courses: scanning probe microscopy, functional materials, surface physics, and project management, they fill the first year. The one-year master thesis project brings you in contact with the forefront of research in topics such as self-assembling molecular layers, conducting polymers, nanocrystals and nanostructured emiconductor surfaces. It can be pursued in close contact with experts in these fields.


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