University of Navarra

University of Navarra

Master of Research in Management/PhD in Management


Avenida Pearson 21

Barcelona, Catalonia 8034


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Ph.D.- Management, Master of Research in Management

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Master of Research in Management is a full-time program lasting for two years. Its starts in September of any given academic year. During these years, students take a range of required courses and advanced and specialized courses and seminars, followed by a field examination. After this exam, the student asks for admission to the PhD. They then prepare their dissertation proposals. Upon approval, students proceed to research, write and ultimately defend their dissertations.The PhD in Management is designed to meet the following objectives:1. To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to conduct world-class research on the most relevant issues in the field of management. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying and solving business problems, often in the face of uncertainty and incomplete information, and involving the management of people in organizational settings.2. To provide a deep grounding in the key disciplines and analytical tools (mathematics, statistics, economics) necessary to move from "mere" problem-solving to the elaboration of general principles of wide applicability to business situations.3. To establish the philosophical, ethical and human principles that lead to a deeper understanding of the human person in an organizational context, and to assure that authentic human values are at the core of key business decisions.
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