Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Master's Degree in Research for Design and Innovation


La Rambla 30-32

Barcelona, Catalonia 8002


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Degrees Offered:

Master's Degree in Research for Design and Innovation

Format: Campus

Program Description:

This master’s degree combines two powerful disciplines in the pre-design process: trend research and co-creation techniques. It is focused on providing current tools related to qualitative and ethnographic research, interdisciplinarity and design thinking geared toward innovation processes applicable to society and industry.
We see innovation as a process of continually addressing users’ real and changing needs in order to improve quality of life through products, services, experiences and new tools. Old patterns are re-examined and re-evaluated and prototypes are being boldly designed based, exclusively on thorough research.

During the course, we will carry out research projects in the private and public sectors, such as at AHewlett Packard, Artemide, Lékué, Telefónica, Cirque du Soleil, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona and ACCIÓ among others. We collaborate with multiple entities, groups, institutions and universities involved with innovation in Europe and Latin America, to strengthen networks and facilitate partnerships.

In each course, students will go on two field trips to European cities in order to explore trends, working patterns and users’ opinions. They will come back with a wide range of innovation-related options. We will organize workshops and events that will help to increase participation around issues such as design, trends, innovation, and design thinking.


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