Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Master's Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture


La Rambla 30-32

Barcelona, Catalonia 8002


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Degrees Offered:

Master's Degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture

Format: Campus

Program Description:

There is growing interest in finding guidelines in living systems to help us understand new forms of designing. On occasion, this interest makes the mistake of wishing to imbue designs with a veneer of new organic ways, imitating natural forms, perhaps unconsciously aided by the incredible digital modeling resources we are increasingly able to master.

This could not be further from our intentions at this programme (ADDA). We focus our interest on observing how biological organisms achieve complex emergent structures from simple components. The structures and forms generated by natural systems are analyzed and understood as hierarchical organizations of very simple components (from the smallest to the largest), in which the properties arising in an emergent manner are rather more than the sumof the parts. In our constantly developing society, with its demanding market, the use of new production technologies in fields such as engineering is becoming more frequent, and research is conducted to create state-of-the-art materials, such as composites, which open up new possibilities of use and performance, and contain the logic of living materials.


* This can be complemented with de ADDA Thesis module, consisting of a final thesis based on the projects developed during the master’s degree.


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