University of San Carlos: Cebu City

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University of San Carlos Cebu City , Cebu  
  • The program aims to give the student an insight into the deep and logical structure upon which all the details of modern mathematics are based. more >

  • The M.A. in History program is a specialized study in the field of history. more >

  • The program is designed for those who want to pursue an advanced training in the study marine life relevant to their present or projected goals toward... more >

  • The program is geared to a deeper and wider understanding of Physics. more >

  • The M.A. more >

  • The Master's program in Economics is an in-depth study of the different economic concepts pertaining to the efficient utilization and allocation of so... more >

  • The program intends to provide knowledge of fields in Anthropology of relevance to economic and social development. These fields, mostly interdisciplinary in nature, constitute the core of the program and give the student practical as well as theoretica... more >

  • The program is broad and general in order to give justice to terrestrial as well as marine biology. more >

  • The course requirement for the M.S. Chemistry program is divided into required and elective courses. The required courses cover Inorganic, Analytical... more >

  • The MS Chemical Engineering program strikes a good balance between science and application. more >

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